Becoming a Real Runner

I’ve completed three half marathons and a plethora of 5Ks, but I still don’t consider myself to be a real runner. Real runners run single digit miles, look great in their running attire, and use words like “VO2 max.” I do none of those things…yet.

 My husband is the real deal. He runs full marathons, places in the top three in his age group in races, and always knows exactly what his VO2 max is. And now, he can add trainer to this list. He is training me to become a real runner so I can complete the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge faster and stronger than any other race I have ever run.

He has put a great plan together for me to use while I’m training and I’ve included it below. If you’re looking for a training plan that will get you in tip top shape to run your first half marathon or prep you for your next great race, feel free to take his plan and make it yours. The spreadsheet includes three tabs, one for running, another for core work, and a third for arms. I hope it will help make you a real runner too.

Half Marathon Training Plan


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