Rites of Passage

Today, it happened. I experienced one of the true rites of passage as a runner. I fell. 

“The Incident,” as we will now refer to it, was not just a little slip or graceful topple. I’m talking a massive full on plummet to the pavement, scraped hands, and bloody knees. It happened in slow motion as I took a corner and the uneven pavement stopped my right foot immediately, while the rest of my person kept moving forward. I was booking it, at a 9:40 pace, which is actually really good for me. I felt great and was on my way to an awesome 3.1 mile start to the day…until “The Incident.”

As I sat stunned in the street, my first instinct was to look around to make sure no witnesses were present. Once certain I was alone, I slowly got up and walked a few steps to make sure everything was ok. I was 2.4 miles in and mentally I needed to hit that 3.1 mile mark, so I slowly began to run again. It hurt at first, but I finished the run and made it home to survey my wounds.

When I was able to see what my knees actually had endured, it was not a pretty sight. Had I not been wearing running tights and actually seen the scrapes and bruises on my knees and legs when it happened, I probably would have burst into tears and called John to come pick me up, despite the fact that I was only one street over from my house. I have NEVER been accused of being dramatic. 

Upon showing my battle wounds to John, I was congratulated on becoming a real runner. In fact, both my husband and my dad, the marathoner, welcomed me to the realm of running as a result of my first fall. Are you kidding me? Both shared tales of their own topples and how it is simply a part of the sport. They assured me that if I stuck with running, this would not be the last time I met the pavement. 

As the day has gone by, I have thought about “The Incident” pretty much every time I have had to bend my knees. I am proud that I completed my run this morning and hope that with the help of neosporin and ibuprofen, I will be able to complete my next long run Saturday morning. “The Incident” could have been a whole lot worse, but bottom line,  I truly feel blessed that I can put one foot in front of the other and keep on running. 

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