What a Run! 


My running tights matched the azaleas in my front yard!

 Ya’ll, I just had an amazing run! I’m talking super fast, feeling fabulous-type running. I kept looking down at my Garmin thinking, “man, I should really slow down,” but I felt so great and just kept going. I mean, you know it’s a good run when you’re not even a mile into it and you’re already debating the title of the blog post dedicated to the epic miles currently in progress.

Perhaps this run was so delightful because I have been in a funk these past few weeks. I have gotten in a few miles here and there, but I struggled to keep going and just really wasn’t into it. Maybe it has been a result of all the rain, busy schedules, or just life, but I needed today’s run in a major way.  

Have you ever seen a sky so blue?

 Today was a storybook kind of day. The sun was shining, birds were chirping, all the flowers have bloomed, and everyone in the neighborhood was out for a little fresh air and exercise. I got an arm workout from all the waving. My friend and co-worker, Stephanie Coomer, likes to say that in Tupelo we even wave at dogs. Well, today was that kind of day. I waved at a few dogs and I’m pretty sure a few waved back at me.

Beautiful flowers blooming like crazy.

This afternoon’s run was a perfect end to a really good day. I got a ton of stuff done at work today that had been really weighing on me. I also feel rested after an extra day off work for Good Friday and spending time with my family this weekend. While both of these combined with the sheer beauty of this gorgeous day played a part in my stellar run this afternoon, I feel renewed after celebrating Easter Sunday. Everything about yesterday was beautiful, from the cross adorned with flowers in front of the church and the songs we sang in celebration of God’s redeeming love for us through Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection three days later, to precious time worshipping with family. Only a loving God knows exactly what we need and just when to give it to us, even though we don’t deserve it one little bit.

What a blessing, what a day, what a run, what a savior! 

2016 Miles to Go: 909


  1. Stephanie · March 28, 2016

    I’m happy you had a great run! The dogs appreciated the recognition. Go JB!! You are inspiring.

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