Why I Run

I get asked all the time why I run. 

I run because I’ve found that it can be my main form of exercise without having to stick to a restrictive diet that I know I won’t follow. I run because I enjoy eating good food, preparing good food, talking about good food, and eating more good food. I run because I have a six-year old who has endless supplies of energy and loves nothing more than playing some type of competitive sport with his mommy and daddy. I run because I have an incurable wanderlust and running races helps me experience new places with a unique perspective. I run because I like a medal. I run because I can do it all by myself without paying a fee, taking a class, or relying on someone else to get in my workout. I run because pizza is my favorite food. I run because I couldn’t and now I can. 

At church this past Sunday, our pastor said something that really made me think about why I run. In preaching from 1 Corinthians 6, he talked about our bodies as vessels for the Holy Spirit. As new believers, we are taught that our sins are forgiven once we ask Jesus to live in our hearts, and while this is wonderfully true, the Holy Spirit is the member of the Trinity who actually takes up residence inside of us. With that, every single thing we do with our bodies, we’re doing to its greatest resident. Wow.

I run for my calories. Are those calories pleasing to my Lord? I run so I can dress up like a princess and race through the “Happiest Place on Earth.” Am I glorifying God through this? I run so that I can wear a shiny medal. Is this pleasing He who created everything? 

This week I have spent a lot of time in prayer for a lifelong friend’s wife who has battled an illness that, in all honesty, should have taken her life. Miracle after miracle has happened throughout her ordeal that can only be attributed to the healing power of the Great Physician. This is just one more reminder to me that our earthly bodies are truly not our own, but are vessels for God to be glorified, in sickness, in health, in every single thing that we do. 

I run because it makes me feel good, but more importantly I run to take care of the body that has been entrusted to me to carry out what God has called me to do here on Earth. While that body may be dressed up like a Disney princess every now and then, my prayer is that even my sparkles will glorify God. 

2017 Miles to Go: 521

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  1. Elizabeth Taylor · February 25

    This is so beautifully said. And inspiring too. Love you dear friend!

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