Marathon Man

John is a marathoner! We are a month post race and it may have finally sunk in that he completed the arduous 26.2 mile race, something that only about one percent of the world’s population can say. He now has the medal to prove it, which is really what it’s all about, right? I’m sure he would agree.

Race expo at the Javits Center


We arrived in NYC bright and early the Friday morning before the race, dropped our luggage, and headed straight for the Javits Center to pick up our race bibs and shop the massive race expo. Every racing brand out there was in the house, so we got John fueled up, dressed up, and accessoriezed for the race. I, of course, stopped by the Run Disney booth to reminisce about my weekend running as a princess and to plan my next adventure. Tiffany & Co. was even there with keepsake pieces for those running the marathon.

Waldorf Astoria NYC


We stayed at the gorgeous, historic Waldorf Astoria. This hotel is an NYC institution and everything from our room, to the staff, to the bacon on the Bull and Bear breakfast buffet was outstanding. Friday night we had dinner at The Green Fig in Hell’s Kitchen and saw the hilarious Something Rotten musical.

Beginning of the Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K


We woke up early Saturday morning to head to the start of my race, the Abott Dash to the Finish Line 5K. The race began at the United Nations and was a wave start. It was so much fun running through the streets of Manhattan and into Central Park where the next day 50,000 runners would attempt to cross the finish line. It was quite hilly once we got into Central Park, a cruel joke for those who on Sunday would be on mile 24, rather than mile 3 as I was. It was a treat to experience even a tiny morsel of the exiliration John would experience the next day. I did get a t-shirt and burned enough calories to enjoy a fabulous brunch at Beauty and Essex in the East Village post race.

Almost race day!


We tried to take it easy Saturday so John could rest his legs, so after brunch he ventured back to the hotel for a nap and I shopped my way through Midtown. My favorite thing to do in NYC is to just wander and Saturday made for a perfect afternoon of wandering through my favorite city. That night we had dinner at The Smith, just steps from our hotel, so John could walk as few steps as possible for his last carby meal before the race. Once dinner was over, the only thing between John and 26.2 miles was a good night’s sleep.

Disembarking from the ferry on Staten Island


John walked out of the hotel at 5:50 a.m. and headed to the subway, to head to the ferry, to head to the bus, to head to the start line. His wave began at 10:15 a.m. and after making it through security check and his transportation tour of New York, he had about 45 minutes until his corral took off.

Verrazano-Narrows Bridge


The marathon starts on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge taking runners across the river from Staten Island into Brooklyn. The TCS NYC Marathon mobile app is awesome because you can track up to 20 runners from the second they start the race until the very end. I watched race coverage on TV, and John’s blinking dot on my phone as it started its 26.2 mile journey, from the comfort of my luxurious Waldorf bed until it was time to meet up with our friends who had traveled all the way to NYC to cheer on John.

John making the turn into Central Park


We found a great spot on First Avenue in Manhattan to wait for John to pass, between miles 16 and 17. I read somewhere that over one million spectators line the race course to cheer on the runners. It was amazing to see that kind of support. John had his name on his shirt and said that everyone from random strangers to police officers encouraged him along the way. Once he passed, even though he never saw us but gave us a thumbs up, we headed towards Central Park, by way of a few shops, to spot him one last time before the finish.

He finished!


John, and the rest of the ponchoed zombies, emerged from Central Park, exhausted, in pain, but most importantly, as marathon finishers. We began our trek back to the hotel, which included an accidental subway ride to Harlem. We had a celebratory dinner with our friends followed by decadent desserts at Smith & Wollensky that some had earned more than others.

NYC Ready for Christmas


I have spent so much time in New York, almost always getting to experience the city my way. This trip was in no way about me and it may have been my favorite trip to the city of all times. I am unbelievably proud of John and have a feeling that this is just the first of many marathons for him. I, on the other hand, am pretty confident that I will continue to run my marathons 13.1 at a time, but, you never know. John completed the 40th running of the five boroughs for his 40th birthday and that is something that neither of us will ever forget.

Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry

Dessert at Smith & Wollensky

My 5K Finish


Dessert and Great Friends

Looking Good at Mile 25

2016 Miles to Go: 775

From Mississippi to Europe

How we have made it to mid-October is beyond me. It’s still 90 degrees outside, and while fall has arrived in Mississippi, it is ever so confused. I have just returned from The Netherlands and Belgium where fall was at its best, with leaves crunching under my feet and the cool breeze calling for leggings, boots, and sweaters for all.

Delft architecture

This year’s Memphis & Mississippi International Sales Mission took our group to Europe for sales calls, media appointments, and two unveilings of a mobile blues marker representing the Mississippi Blues Trail. We began our journey in Delft, a picturesque Dutch town an hour’s drive outside of Amsterdam. They are known for Delftware, the blue and white ceramic pottery that is hand-painted and glazed in a process that has been used for centuries.

City Hall in the Delft Square


I enjoyed getting to run through the cobblestone streets of Delft, exploring the canals and architecture of the town. On my Saturday morning run, I discovered a market that was set up throughout the city center that included fabrics, Delftware, antiques, and just about anything else people were willing to buy. The shopaholic in me couldn’t wait to get back and grab my purse, but the runner prevailed and I finished three miles in the heart of this charming town.


USA Go Wild Event


Delft was our home base in The Netherlands because of the USA Go Wild consumer event that we worked, sharing Memphis and Mississippi directly with people who were interested in visiting our area. To kick off the show, we hosted our first blues marker unveiling for over 150 tour operators and journalists complete with live blues music from Mississippi bluesman Vasti Jackson, a Southern barbecue-style supper, and “Mississippi saxophones” for everyone to play a little blues of their own.

Zach’s Dutch birthday celebration


My dear friend and “partner-in-crime,” Zach Holifield, turned 30 as we were in the air headed to Holland. We celebrated with birthday crowns and a birthday boy button over breakfast boxes on the flight, but it wasn’t until Friday night that we truly got to celebrate with a proper dinner, toast, and Dutch-themed cake. I will forever remember Zach’s 30th when I see bread baskets, cumquats, and carafes.


Stock exchange in Brussels


Our next stop on the mission was Belgium. We hit the ground running in Brussels, immediately upon arrival, splitting into sales and press teams, dividing and conquering. That night we met back up for a walking tour of Brussels’ city center and dinner at Chez Leon, a restaurant known for its mussels and pommes frites. Oh, how I love the abundance of french fries in this part of the world!


City square in Mechelen


In Belgium, one of my favorite days included media visits in Mechelen, a Flemish city between Antwerp and Brussels. We explored the city on foot between appointments and had coffee in the beautiful town square that sits in the shadow of St Rumbold’s Cathedral. I love people-watching and there is truly no better place to gaze than in a city’s square with an exceptional cup of coffee. That goes for the Deep South just as much as Europe!


Hanging with Vasti Jackson before the Brussels event


Our last night in Brussels included another blues marker unveiling at The Music Village, a cool music venue in the heart of the city. Tour operators, media, and representatives from the American Embassy joined us for a night of blues that only Mississippi can provide. Vasti mesmerized the crowd with stories of our state and tunes to go along with them. Music really is a great equalizer and it is such a joy getting to share Elvis, Tupelo, and Mississippi with music lovers from across the world.


Memphis & Mississippi Delegation


It was a productive, fun trip and my hope is that both the fall weather and all of the wonderful people we met and shared Memphis and Mississippi with will make their way to see us very soon.


Unveiling the Blues Marker


Windmill in Delft


Press Event at Cannibale Royale in Amsterdam


Mussels and French Fries in Delft


Cappuccino and Portuguese pastries in Brussels


My Nutella Belgian waffle


Memphis & MS crew in Brussels


2016 Miles to Go: 799

The Countdown is On

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

New York City

Two weeks. The TCS New York Marathon is 14 days away. Our flights have long since been booked, hotel reservations made, and theatre tickets secured. I am totally ready for our trip to New York! But, this trip is in no way about me. John has been training for twenty-three weeks and is finally in the homestretch.

Two Saturdays ago marked his first twenty-mile run. He did this long run on the Tanglefoot Trail and it went really well. John felt strong and was trying to mimic the elevation of the New York marathon by running on this flat, fast trail. He fueled properly throughout the week, didn’t go too fast out of the gate, and never hit a wall during his out and back jaunt.


John put in 15 miles yesterday and will start tapering this week. He’s excited. He’s nervous. But, most of all, he is ready! He’s got his outfit ready to go, which, as it turns out, is not nearly as important to this race as it was for my Princess race, but I don’t think anyone is surprised about that.

John’s ankles are sore. He had a bone spur in his heel and tendonitis in his achillies. He has beaten up his body to train for this race, but like I said, he is ready. He stuck to his training plan and is prepared for what lies ahead. I asked him what he has learned from this process and he shared several keys to his success.


1. You have to be flexible with your training plan and modify as it meets your needs.

John had a strong training plan that was put together for him by Lynn Holland, a great running coach and friend of John’s. There have been days that he hurt and rather than running just because his plan said to do so, he listened to his body and took a day or two off. This has kept him free from any major injuries and has enabled him to rest when he needed it without straying too far from his plan.

2. Run with a Group

John is a member of Team X. Because he runs with this group of men and women, he has accountability, safety, and interesting conversation. He has made new friends and pushed himself more than if he had just been training alone. Because of Team X he has joined the Tupelo Running Club and has met even more folks in the running community, including the skunks at Ballard Park.

3. Cross Train. Cross Train. Cross Train.

Cross training keeps you healthy and less prone to injury. John loves to swim and has enjoyed swimming laps at the Tupelo Aquatic Center as part of his cross training. He also does yoga for runners to stay loose, as he is prone to stay tight. Make all the jokes you want. I always do. While it is time consuming to add more training on your running days off, he is committed to this race and has done a great job of putting in the work that needs to be done.

4. Summer miles bring fall smiles.

If I’ve said it once on this blog, I’ve said 100 times. It’s been a miserably hot summer. The vast majority of John’s training has taken place during the summer months and even the fall months have been sweltering thus far. But, two Saturdays ago when he ran 20 miles, it was 54 degrees, was one of the best training runs he has had at an 8:58 pace, and he never looked back. It looks like the weather in NYC is going to be similar to what we are experiencing now, with marathon temps hitting the mid to upper 50’s. Because of the miles John has put in, he’ll be ready.


We are excited about our trip to New York in two short weeks. I’m signed up to run the Abbott Dash to Finish Line 5K, which takes you on the final three miles of the marathon with the same finish in Central Park. I can’t wait to experience the same thing that John will get to do the next day, minus the first 23.1 miles. Some fabulous friends of ours are coming to the city to help cheer on John, so we’re looking forward to a wonderful long weekend in the Big Apple.

Have you run the New York Marathon or been a spectator during the race? I’m still researching where to go to make sure I get to see John other than just at the finish line, so I would love to hear about your experience.

2016 Miles to Go: 799


Fall is Coming

August was definitely a month on the run, but not so much a month of running. It has been hot. I mean, miserably hot. So hot, that I feel like my motivation to run has literally melted away. I have felt defeated when it seemed like a huge feat to run even two or three miles, but I keep reminding myself that running in a heat index of 105+ could make any seasoned runner question her sanity. Some days, I have pumped myself up to get my miles in after work, only to get home in the pouring rain. But, fall is coming.

This past weekend we went to Memphis for Miles to participate in a Ducks Unlimited Greenwings event. After sweating through the outdoor extravaganza to which I stupidly wore a dress and flip flops, we visited Breakaway Running where John and I both got fitted for new running shoes. He is logging miles like crazy as the New York Marathon is a little over 63 days away. I just hoped that new shoes would help motivate me to get back at it, as there are several races for which I am signed up or want to sign up this fall and winter. As fate would have it, I’m back in my beloved Mizuno Wave Riders, but up a full size. They feel great and it doesn’t hurt that they’re hot pink and purple. Yes, fall is coming and I’m ready to hit the pavement.


Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, TX

After Elvis Week last month, I found myself in Grapevine, Texas, for Travel Media Showcase, a trade show where I had the privilege of pitching stories about Tupelo to travel writers from across the country. Through excellent networking events and scheduled tours, we got to experience Grapevine. I assumed it was just a suburb of Dallas, as it took a mere ten minutes to drive from Dallas-Fort Worth Airport to the gorgeous Gaylord Texan resort where the conference was held, but boy was I wrong.


Water feature in the Gaylord Texan

Grapevine is culture and cowboys, water slides and wine. It is a shopper’s paradise and one train ride away from a great adventure. I got to participate in the family fun tour that took us for an afternoon at Grapevine Mills. We lunched at Rainforest Cafe, complete with the enormous Sparkling Volcano dessert.

Sparkling volcano dessert at Rainforest Cafe


Sea Life Aquarium

Our next stop was Sea Life, a two-story, 45,000 square-foot aquarium with over 30 interactive exhibits showcasing amazing sea creatures. The highlight was a huge tropical ocean tank with a walk-through tunnel. Sharks and rays of all sorts and sizes were swimming just under our feet and above our heads.


LEGOLAND Discovery Center

When I travel for work, my child has figured out that my return almost always means a surprise. In fact, he often puts in his “surprise request” before I leave town. The next stop on our tour was a quick glance at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center. I immediately hit the gift shop, making sure that his request was met. Part of me felt guilty that I was experiencing all of this without my LEGO-obsessed dude, but we got just enough of a taste that I knew a family trip here would be in our future.


Hanging with Wiley from Great Wolf Lodge

The last stop on our family fun tour was the Great Wolf Lodge. Speaking of places I definitely plan to visit further, Great Wolf Lodge is like a mini-theme park all under one roof. Love water slides? They have plenty. Need a princess makeover? Yep, you can get it here. Enjoy character meet-and-greets? They have those, too. And, there’s pizza, and ice cream, and an arcade. I can keep going and can’t wait to go.


Grapevine Lake

I did manage to get in some running while in Texas. The Gaylord Texan had a great running trail that went around the property, with gorgeous views of Grapevine Lake. I had the privilege of experiencing God’s amazing artistry as the sun rose over the lake each morning. It was hot and humid, but it made for a great start to the day.

I’m home for several weeks before I leave for Europe at the end of September. My goal is to build my miles back up and get ready for all of the races I plan to run this fall. I love keeping up with my upcoming races on the Days to Go app, as seen above. On another note, I’ve found the perfect virtual race to complete my running resolution and it is all the motivation I need. But, more on that later. For now, fall is coming and I am back on the run.

2016 Miles to Go: 823

Opening Dinner at TMS


Starfish at Sea Life


Clownfish at Sea Life


Sea Life


Dallas in LEGOs


Roll Tide from LEGOLAND Discovery Center


My booth at TMS


Gaylord Texan


Gaylord Texan


Happy Elvis Week

I’m sitting here in the Memphis International Airport awaiting a flight for my next work trip. It’s gloomy here today. There is a drizzly rain coming down and the sky is so gray that the clouds have blocked any semblance of sunshine. The airport seems eerily quiet, even though there are people all around. Despite my eternally optimistic outlook on life, I find the bleakness of Memphis today somewhat appropo. It is, in fact, the 39th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley.

Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competition


I spent last week at Elvis Week 2016, Graceland’s annual celebration of all things Elvis. We were in town to promote Tupelo as the Birthplace of Elvis Presley to his fans from around the globe. We did media interviews, recorded a podcast, worked a booth at the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competiton, and hosted the official competition after-parties at the Hard Rock Cafe on Beale Street. In between all of this, we talked to fans about Elvis and took every opportunity we could find to invite them to see where the story began. 

Presenting the check at St. Jude

We have created an annual tradition of hosting an event at St. Jude Children’s Hospital during Elvis Week. We take a tribute artist who performs for the patients, their families, and the staff, while we pass out Elvis glasses to the crowd. Brandon Bennett, a Tupelo winner and Ultimate ETA, joined us this year and he was absolutely fabulous! Also, during the Tupelo Elvis Festival each year, we take up a love offering as part of the Gospel Concert Sunday morning that is presented to St. Jude. This began when The Landmarks, a local gospel quartet, performed annually at the festival and asked for a donation to be made to St. Jude in lieu of payment. Elvis’ legacy of giving generously is continuing.   

Jeff Lewis & Friends Jam Session

We helped sponsor the Jeff Lewis & Friends official after-parties at the Hard Rock each night after the competition. These events are great because tribute artists and influencers in the “Elvis World,” become brand ambassadors for Tupelo, promoting us from the stage all night long. The event is one big jam session and my favorite part is the diverse talent that hits the stage. Tribute artists don’t just sing, they play guitar, and drums, and bass, and keyboard. The event is emulated during the Tupelo Elvis Festival, so those who can’t make it to Memphis can join in on the fun in June.

Hard Rock Event

I’m sitting on the tarmac and the rain is coming down harder. Elvis Week 2016 has come to a close and his fans have begun their journeys home, taking with them a piece of Memphis, and hopefully a piece of Tupelo, as well. This plane is full of people in Elvis shirts, Elvis jewelry, Elvis sunglasses, and even an Elvis wig. I’m sitting here in my business-casual attire, Starbucks in hand, ready to start the new Harry Potter book. While we don’t look like we have much in common, it’s our respect and admiration for the world’s greatest entertainer that is our common ground. For that, we can thank Elvis Presley.   


Happy Blogaversary! 

Today if my first blogaversary!

Today is my first blogaversary!

Today is officially my first blogaversary! I’ve been sharing stories of running and travel for one full year. It’s been fun, therapeutic, frightening, and a creative outlet, and with lots in store for the coming year, I can’t wait to continue sharing my story and hearing yours.

Tourism friends at the IPW Closing Reception

Since my last post, I spent a wonderful week in the Big Easy for IPW, U.S. Travel Association’s annual convocation of international tour operators and media. I love New Orleans and was excited to spend a week there with my tourism peeps from around the country, as we shared our communities with tour operators from around the world looking for interesting itineraries for their clients.

Visit Mississippi Booth at IPW

Mississippi is a third or fourth tier destination for international tourists as they tend to visit my buddy Mickey in Florida, the Big Apple, and California (including the Grand Canyon and Vegas, baby) first. When they visit us, it is for a tour of several states in the Deep South, often centered around music, but always for a unique, authentic experience that can be had nowhere else in the world. It’s my job to go to trade shows like IPW and tell Tupelo’s story in a way that inspires travel to my town. I absolutely love it! And, it really doesn’t hurt that that I get to talk about Elvis.

Travel South Banner at IPW

I packed my running clothes, with grand plans to run along the river every day during my stay. The first morning I got ready for the show, put on my brand-new black wedges that arrived in the mail the day before I left and found that they sent me shoes a half-size too small. Being that these were the only black shoes I brought with me (yes, I know better), I wore them anyway and rubbed such horrible blisters on my heels that I couldn’t wear shoes with backs on them the rest of the trip. I have never been one to be limited by shoe size. I have been known to base my shoe purchases on cuteness rather than size, but this was a mistake of epic proportions. Needless to say, there was no running for me at all this trip.

I stayed at the Hilton Riverside, one of my favorite flag properties in NOLA because of its location and the fact that Drago’s is located there. If you’ve never eaten a chargrilled oyster from Drago’s, put it at the top of your list!

Escargot with my friend Zach from Visit Mississippi at Arnaud’s

Every trip to New Orleans involves amazing food and this journey was no exception. I dined at Arnaud’s with my Mississippi colleagues one night and it never disappoints. Located just around the corner from Bourbon Street, it is a New Orleans institution. Try the soufflé potatoes. You’re welcome. Another night I had the pleasure of celebrating my dear friend Kevin Kern’s birthday with the gang from Graceland. We ate at Marcello’s, an Italian eatery that was absolutely fantastic. I also may have had a beignet or two from Cafe du Monde during my stay.

Washington, D.C. Photo Op at IPW

Next year’s IPW is in Washington, D.C. It’s been several years since I visited our nation’s capital and I can’t wait to go back. The photo op Visit D.C. set up in the trade show lobby was too good to pass up, as you can see. Move over Underwoods.

Fiery Gizzard Waterfall and Hike in Monteagle

Not long after my trip to New Orleans, we headed north to Monteagle Mountain for 10 days of rest and relaxation. My family has spent summers on this mountain in the Monteagle Sunday School Assembly for  generations. The annual July 4th celebration is a homecoming of sorts and includes a big picnic on the mall, competitive games, pool games, a major fireworks display, and so much more.

Ready to Run

Another annual event is the Shenanigans Pub Run. It is 6.4 (really more like 6.7) miles from the gates of the Assembly to Shenanigans Restauarant in Sewanee. This year was the 39th running of the race, with this being John’s third time and my first.

Mountain Goat Trail

The race winds along the Mountain Goat Trail, a wonderfully-paved trail that meanders from Monteagle to Sewanee. Much of it is tree-lined and flat, with the occasional straightaway in the sun, and minor hills. Once we veered off of the trail, I ran some of the most atrocious hills I have ever run, and it was hot, very hot.

The “Traditional” Awards Ceremony

The race ended at Shenanigans for the “traditional” awards ceremony that included toasts to the race founders and the winners drinking from their newly-acquired trophies. As always, it was lots of fun, once it was over, even though I questioned my sanity during those goofy middle miles. My cousin, Jackson, ran it with us, and thankfully we all managed to cross the finish line.

John, Me, and Jackson post-pub run

June and July were tons of fun and I’m excited about the interesting trips I have coming up this fall. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing over this past year and since I plan to stay on the run, I hope you will continue this journey with me.

2016 Miles to Go: 842

A Festival Fit for a King

IMG_3812Last weekend, in my hometown of Tupelo, we celebrated our favorite native son with the annual Tupelo Elvis Festival. Held the first full weekend in June, the festival celebrates the impact Elvis Presley made, and continues to make, on music worldwide.

Whether you’re a die-hard Elvis fan, a lover of music, have a pet who has an uncanny resemblance to the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll, or are just looking for something a little different to do, everyone can find something to enjoy during the festival. One of my favorite parts of the weekend is the annual Running With the King 5K that is put on by the Tupelo Running Club.

I signed up for this race by myself and tried to persuade a friend or two to join me, but to no avail. I’ll admit, Saturday morning when my alarm went off, the last thing I wanted to do was get up and run. Since I had already registered, I drug myself out of bed, put on my running clothes, and drove to Veterans Park for the start. It was hot…and muggy. Thankfully the sun was hidden behind some pretty thick clouds or it would have been a miserable experience.

The race winds through Tupelo’s Veterans Park which is located in Elvis’ neck of the IMG_3777woods in East Tupelo. After running past the Tupelo Aquatic Center and down the American flag-lined Lawrence Stanley Memorial Drive, we made our way onto Elvis Presley Drive, past Elvis’ house, and through his neighborhood that was once lined with sharecropper shacks. The final mile took us along Veterans Park’s winding, tree-lined trail and ultimately to the finish by the park’s softball complex, where an Elvis impersonator was waiting to serenade us with the King’s greatest hits.

I ran a good race, not a PR, but about a minute under last year’s pace. We had a wild Saturday last weekend, so I didn’t have time to stick around to hear the winners announced, and they still haven’t posted the results, so I’m not completely positive what my exact IMG_3779time was, only what my Garmin showed at the end.

I bought new running shoes last week, so this was the final voyage for the dreaded purple Asics. I am once again in my happy place with the newest Mizuno Wave Riders thanks to my friends at Trails and Treads in Tupelo. I began breaking those bad boys in this week and have learned my lesson about steering away from what works.

I’ve shared before about the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competition that’s held each August in Memphis during Elvis Week. Tupelo has its own competition during the Tupelo Elvis Festival that sends a winner to represent our town during the festivities in Memphis.

In between competition rounds, some of the top tribute artists in the world perform concerts at the BancorpSouth Arena, showcasing Elvis and the various eras in which he performed. Right when I think I know a little something about Elvis, I attend another show and realize that I still have a lot to learn. From the “outfit,” to the movement, to the hair, the tribute artists have to know it all, because the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll’s fans absolutely IMG_3772know. I got to see a few of my favorites perform Thursday night, including 2014 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competition winner Jay Dupuis (pictured), which made for a great start to the festival.

On the Fairpark side, this year’s  festival was headlined by American Idol winner, Trent Harmon. We knew it would draw a big crowd, but no one could have predicted that the crowd would show up, leave due to inclement weather, and then come back in full force to hear this hometown boy play. Elvis Presley, Mac McAnally, and Paul Thorn were all born in the Mississippi Hills and it will be exciting to see what’s to come from the newest generation of Tupelo’s musical talent.

Another Tupelo Elvis Festival has come and gone. The Downtown Tupelo Main Street Association and its many volutneers that make up the “Blue Team,” are the ones that make this great event happen, and they do a fantastic job. I always look forward to the festival because I get to run, I get to hear great live music, and I get to learn something new about my city’s most famour former resident. Plus, a little black leather and powder blue never hurt anyone, right?

2016 Miles to Go:  859



#Global Running Day

Runners across the globe will commemorate Global Running Day this Wednesday, June 1. A celebration of running, this day is about lacing up and running, whether it is through the yard with your kids, around the block with your dog, or putting in several miles solo or with your running group. On Global Running Day, we celebrate the joys of running with a goal of inspiring others to get out and do the same. I pledged to run three miles tomorrow, on the Global Running Day site, and look forward to hitting the pavement along with runners from over 165 countries around the world.


Miles at the RunDisney Kids’ Races

As part of this celebration of all things running, kids are being asked to join the Million Kid Run to promote running as a fun, healthy activity. I am so excited about this, as it encourages kids to turn off the television, put down the video game console, get outside, and run. Since John and I are both runners, we have let Miles join us from early on, so he too would find enjoyment in the sport. His first race was the RunDisney Kids’ Races at Disney World during the Princess Half Marathon Weekend, and we knew he was hooked. I look forward to the day that he can run his first 5K with us and I am already certain that he will leave both of us in his dust!

Individuals aren’t the only ones planning to celebrate Global Running Day. There are tons of brands, event organizers, and companies with promotions and special events planned to encourage runners to be a part of this day.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is one of the most fun series of races around. With “tour stops” in cities across the United States and around the world, they specialize in making the experience of racing as important as actually running. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series folks plan to celebrate Global Running Day in a major way with deep discounts on all of their upcoming race dates. John and I have run the New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon twice, and with bands every mile and a fantastic party waiting for you at the finish line, you should definitely sign up for this discounted race first thing Wednesday.

Brooks is inviting runners to join the party by letting you print your own bib for Global Running Day, sharing group run information, and giving runners a place to share their pictures throughout the day. Plus, they are offering participants the chance to win a pair of the new Brooks Neuro shoes, so visit their Facebook page to learn more about the contest.

Perhaps my favorite promotion for Global Running Day is courtesy of the folks at Runner’s World Magazine. They are holding the world’s biggest RUNch June 1, encouraging colleagues to go for a run during their lunch hour. They have described perfectly how to get this done and get back to the office in time on their site, so if it looks like lunchtime is your only opportunity to participate in Global Running Day, Runner’s World can help make that happen. They even have an excuse you can give to your boss should your RUNch run (pun intended!) a little long, signed by the Mayor of Running and Chief Running Officer!

Yet another pretty fabulous company that plans to celebrate Global Running Day, is Sparkle Athletic. These purveyors of sparkly running apparel are like a big family, as every runner who adorns their skirts are part of #teamsparkle. You can RSVP on their site to be a part of their Global Running Day virtual group run no matter where you live and will be entered to win a Sparkle Athletic prize pack. Tag your pics with #teamsparkle for another chance to win.
There are so many exciting ways to get involved with Global Running Day, I hope this will inspire you to run a few miles tomorrow.




My Favorite Saturday of the Year


Leaders of the pack

 This past Saturday was my favorite Saturday of the year in Tupelo. The annual Gumtree Festival and Gumtree 10K make for a grand weekend full of art, music, food, running, and fun in Downtown Tupelo. The festival is usually held Mother’s Day weekend, with the exception of every few years when Mother’s Day falls on the first weekend of May and other area races are held that first weekend. Our annual tradition is to pick out Mother’s Day gifts at the juried arts festival, so the gorgeous painted barnwood tray I picked out this year was well worth the wait! While I look forward to the festival every year, it is the race that makes this Saturday my favorite Saturday of the year.

Gumtree Race Party

The Gumtree 10K winds its way through Downtown Tupelo before heading into some of the city’s oldest neighborhoods. Traditionally, watch parties are held to cheer on the runners and neighborhoods get together to man water stations. The race comes up one side of my house and turns in front of it, so we invite our neighbors, close friends, and family to join us for breakfast and to help cheer on the runners. This combines two of my very favorite things: running and brunch! I was probably asked about 100 times if I was running Gumtree this year, but given the chance to throw a party, I always put on my party hat instead of my running shoes.

John’s annual note of encouragement

The Gumtree 10K has been held for 39 years and runners from all over the world come to Tupelo to participate in the race. My husband, John, is a runner and has run Gumtree several times. The last time he ran it, I put on the party by myself, in the rain, and after that I graciously asked him to bow out from being an annual participant. The last year he did participate, he said that his favorite part was running through the Joyner neighborhood and being cheered on and encouraged by all of the onlookers. The support from the Tupelo community is what makes this race extra special.

Hi-fiving the runners

In 2014, an EF-3tornado ripped through my neighborhood just weeks before the Gumtree 10K. With cleanup efforts underway, the city considered canceling the annual race, but the Joyner neighborhood banded together and asked the city to keep the race as scheduled. We put up signs proclaiming #TupeloStrong, cleaned up our yards and helped our neighbors clean theirs, and we still held our parties and cheered on the runners. It was a much needed bright spot in an otherwise dark time. But, that’s Tupelo, and that’s why my community is so special. 

So, like I said, this is my favorite Saturday of the year in Tupelo. If you’re a runner, I highly recommend making a trip to do the race, enjoy the festival, hear some great live music, and do your carb-loading at one of the city’s wonderful local restaurants. If you’re not a runner, then just plan to come eat breakfast at my house. I make a mean sausage casserole.

Cheering on the runners

2016 Miles to Go: 876



Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! I was blessed with a pretty incredible mother. She loves selflessly, supports unconditionally, is the most organized and together person on the planet, has a sense of humor like no other, and has freakish upper body strength. As I reflected this morning on how my mother’s love mirrors God’s love for us, it also hit me that the lessons I have learned from her over the years can help me be a better runner.


The slide of death in Ecuador

#1: Try something new

My mother is the first person to get you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to try something new. To this day I will try anything once, whether it is food, meeting a new person, hanging a picture a different way, or trying a new activity. I often hate to tell her this, but she’s usually right.

Running is something new for me. I’ve only been running for about five years, but have found so much joy in this new thing that I have tried. Because of my mother, I’m not frightened of new things or change, and I am eternally grateful to her for that. I tell people all the time that if I can do it, anyone can do it. I love recruiting new runners and I have my mama to thank for that.


Commitment = Seeing through a week at Disney

#2: Commit and see it through

My parents have always encouraged me to try new things, but once a commitment was made, there was no going back. What a great lesson in a time where society tells us we should all be happy no matter what. There were several commitments throughout my life that made me horribly unhappy, things I joined or started that turned out to be far from what I thought they would be, yet my mother always made me honor my commitments. For this, I am so thankful, even if it meant I didn’t get to come home from horse camp. 

This totally applies to running. So many times I have signed up for a race and started my training, but inevitably, those early morning runs would get old after awhile and I would not stay as committed as I should. There is no other feeling like crossing that finish line and if you don’t commit fully and see your training plan through to completion, that finish line feeling may be out of reach.


Supporting my theatrics

#3: Be supportive

I could talk all day long about this one. Both of my parents have supported me in every single thing I have ever done. Whether it was with their time, their prayers, their finances, or any other way, they have always been there for me 100%. My mother has attended events, bought tickets, worked nurseries, gone on field trips…this list really could go on infinitely, but the point is that she has supported me in all things.

Running a race can be a very lonely thing, but when other runners support one another, we are all in it together. The most supportive race I have ever run was the RunDisney Princess Half Marathon. Complete strangers cheered each other on no matter the mile we were running. Outside of Disney, I strive to be that runner who encourages others, thanks volunteers along the way, and supports runners in their quest to reach the finish line. 

Having fun at Granne’s house

#4: Have fun

Remember how I said that my mother has a sense of humor like no other? I wasn’t kidding. She is hilarious and makes sure that everyone around her is having fun. I didn’t always get this, especially when she was singing over the bus intercom on middle school chorus trips, but I totally get it now. Finding a way to laugh in every situation makes even life’s hardest moments a little less hard, and boy does my mama know how to do that.

Running is hard. It can be downright awful some days. But, I do it to have fun. Traveling, seeing communities from a different perspective, getting great exercise, and earning the bling, all make running fun, and for me, that’s what it’s all about.

On this Mother’s Day I am so thankful for my mother and hope that I can be half the mama to Miles that she has been to me. I also hope that the lessons I have learned from her continue to make me the best runner that I can be. I may not have the freakish upper body strength that she possesses, but I bet when the time comes to move Miles home from college, I can make sure that he is more prepared to do so than I, right Mama? 

2016 Miles to Go: 881